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Re: FV-QR (A1steaksauce)

Quote, originally posted by A1steaksauce »
get a bentley, a few friends that know their stuff and have at it.

Paying any Shop to work on a A-1 is a waste of $. You will get very little value for the $ spent. These are very simple cars to work on. Go the the local self service wrecking yard & spend a day or 2 taking stuff apart & putting it all back together. If you can do it there, you should be able to do it even better at home. If you can't learn all about A-1, or just don't like getting dirty, sell it. Most A-1's need lots of little attention & an owner who can "read" them. Most "mechanics" at shops now, have no clue if they can't read the problem off the OBD scanner or VAGcom. That's why they don't like CIS FI. Mein 2 Reichspfennings
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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