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Can’t help but think this is really dumb thread

Let me hold your hand for a moment

Your Tercel gets over 40mpg

Have you calculated how many trouble free miles you will need before you recoup costs?

For example.
The ecu on a Tdi

If you do the swap to gain 15mpg.
How many miles until the cost of an ecu tune/ injector pump will be justified.

You are going to find you’ll need 100,000+ miles of problem free operation
… guess what, by that time it’s time for repairs/maintenance.

And you are just assuming any used lump you get is good forever?

Not even taking into account the cost of adapter kit/flywheel
Custom mounts ect
And you’re trans is going to have wrong gearing.
Also not meant for torque.

Ok you’ll just do a 1.6d/td
But that only gets 40mpg
When you’re engine gets 40mpg
So why

Are you going mTDI or drive by wire.
Now you’re looking at a donor car to adapt a bunch of junk to your clunker.

When for 1/10th the work u could get kit to put it into a mk1 if you must have maximum mpg.
Or for1/100 the work just get a Tdi.

I just don’t like so much time wasted on a poorly thought out plan
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