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Re: Engne peformance question..... (84JettaGLiFocusKilla)

Quote, originally posted by 84JettaGLiFocusKilla »
i was originally going to put in a vr6 from a parts corrado, but the corrado is in good shape and i don't want to tear it up. so i'm gonna fix the raddo instead.

I say good call on this one http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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(at a pretty reasonable price)

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but can the G60T and 2.0 make about 350-400Hp reasonably?

What would you consider to be a resonable price for a 4 cylinder motor to makes these types of numbers? I would say $10k on the engine alone sounds resonable.
That being said, for a turbo project, I would start with an ABA motor, lower the compression a tad (8.5:1), work the bottem end, run stand alone engine management, add a nicely sized turbocharger, air to water intercooler, some headwork, jack to boost 20+psi... you'd be lucky to see near 300hp
or use an aba bottom end with a 16v head, add the items above...

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