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i have an 86 GTi sitting in a wharehouse waiting for an engine swap to be put in. Problem is i cant decide which engine.
i was originally going to put in a vr6 from a parts corrado, but the corrado is in good shape and i don't want to tear it up. so i'm gonna fix the raddo instead.
I want the 86 GTi to be a mean sleeper and good drag/barely daily driver car. it's going to be an ongoing project and i will go into full swing of it once i finish my raddo.
So back to the motors, what would be good for making awesome HP:
(at a pretty reasonable price)
Turbo VR
G60 Turbo
2.0 16vT
I know the turbo VR is going to make the most, but can the G60T and 2.0 make about 350-400Hp reasonably?
What tuner(s) could make that power for these engines? (schimmel, etc)
Willing to hear any input, ideas, advice or info you guys have.
thanks guys
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