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Enkei RS5 for MK4?

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Has anyone put Enkei RS5's on a new Jetta or Golf? These seem like a good choice since the 16 X 7 are 16.5 lbs according to Discount Tire. Discount claims they will fit but I kind of wonder why no one here seems to be talking about them.
Discount has them for $145 which is a lot less than the SSR's but I assume the Enkeis are not as strong. Any experience out there?
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Re: Enkei RS5 for MK4? (Motek)

I've heard nothing but good things about the Enkei's the guys at the Auto-X with them on their cars. I've only seen an Enkei on a VW once though and the SSR Integral is even lighter than the Enkei RS5 in the same size. Finally thing to think about is that the SSR are forged wheels whereas the Enkei's are cast. That should make the SSR stronger wheels.
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