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Hi all, new here and just bought a 2002 gti w/ 24v vr6 from a local near me. It was in an fender bender but got it all fixed. I’m having a fairly consistent problem with epc and traction lights coming on and the engine light as well less frequent than the others, I had misfire problems due to bad coils and shallow spark plugs that barely even entered the chamber (apparently people don’t know you can’t put any old plugs into it) and fixed my misfire problem. I looked about the intermittent epc and traction and I keep getting a p0102 (signal too low), put a new maf in and got a p0101 (implausible signal? According to vcds which I have on my laptop) I looked around on the forums and found it could possibly be the sensor on my gas pedal or the Chinesium low quality maf. I don’t think it’s a proper Bosch maf so I’m taking a guess that could be my problem. It has sputtered intermittently too. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I have dug through wiring off the maf sensor clip and have also replaced the sensor clip and have found no faults or shorts there. Hopefully the volks gods can save me from another trip to the stealership soon.
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