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Could you recommend tires for a 16x6.5 on a Corrado VR6?

I'm having trouble deciding on tires. I'm looking to spend something around US$550 for the complete set mounted and balanced. I'm looking for Summer tires, that can take agressive corners, and will do well through a puddle on the freeway on one side without pulling the car to the side by much. I need to feel confident to plow it in the wet as much as in the dry. I make long distance trip often and average 120-130mph for 2.5hours. Some side wall protection would be great also. It looks like my choice of sizes are:
205/50/16, 205/45/16
215/45/16, 215/40/14
I've test fitted a set of 205/55/16 and they just fit, but will rub on the plastic linner, or fender if I turn on a bump.
My car is NOT lowered, and has stock suspension. I am not shy of speed bumps and pot holes. What tire am I?

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