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im planning on lowering my car with the eibach prosystem. Does it matter if i get the wheels maybe 6 months after installing the suspension, since i have to save up for them? would this create any changes in regards to the suspension or alignment??
im planning on getting 18"s. also, whats the best size to get? 18x7.5, or 18 x 8's??

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Re: eric - getting new suspension, and wheels later.... does it matter? or ... (silvermouse5150)

Normally, installation of a Wheel & Tire Pkg. (which is as simple
as changing a spare tire 4 times), does not mean that you
will need to get an alignment.
Exceptions to the above: Any Suspension Upgrades that affect the
current alignment of the vehicle, You are seeing irregular tire wear
across the surface of the tire, You've hit something "pretty hard"
and you "just want to be sure," that everything is still within spec.
or as preventative maintenance as per scheduled by VAG.
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