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Eric, HELP!!! Issue with mounting my wheels...

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Ok, here is the problem. I have 18's I want to put on my car. They are made by ADR. The deal is they need to go to the tuner style lug, with the internal hex lug. I tried to put my stock lug through the back of the wheel the threaded end was about 1mm to wide. My question is, can I get studs that will fit through the holes in the wheels and into my hubs? The wheels are for Audi/VW application they have the 5x100 and 5x112 lug patterns on them. I'm hopin that the difference is diameter for the stud is due to the type of lug it needs to use. The wheel if it helps is an ADR DV-8 18x7.5 42mm offset. Please help!
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Re: Eric, HELP!!! Issue with mounting my wheels... (late_apex)

Though I'm not for sure, it sounds like you have run into the same problem I did with my 16" Racing Harts.
The mounting holes in the wheels were only large enough for a 12mm bolt/stud to pass thru. The VR6 VW's with 5x100 pattern, use 14mm bolts (14mm being the diameter of the bolt).
There are stud kits that I believe would work in this situation. I opted to have my wheels drilled for the larger OEM 14mm bolts. That way I could remain with bolts, and not have to mess with studs, conversions, etc.
If this is not your problem, just disregard.
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