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::ESM-004 17x8 17x9 18x8 18x9 19x8.5 19x9.5 5x100 SILVER GUNMETAL The Best BBS Lm Reps In The Wheel Market PERIOD!::

Hello VWVortex Enthusiasts,

Are you looking for the best LM Style wheel? If so look no further because we now have the ESM-004 in stock 18" & 19" staggered 5x100 for your VW's!

There are many other wheel companies out there that have a similar wheel and claim that their wheels are the best! But if you pay close attention to the design you will see the curved/ short spokes and lip designs that don't look TRUE.

Why is the ESM-004 better than other reps? Simple... Look at the spokes on our wheels and notice the edges of the spokes and the lenght of it. Also the center of the wheel is flat and not concave or domed. The Next best thing is the step lip. NOtice how the front and rear lips look the same step design and are not flat like others. Most reps out there dont have the same style matching front and rear lips. In the end you pay less then other vendors for the wheels and you get a better design and quality wheel!

ESM Wheels is owned and operated by Automotive Enthusiasts that only bring the best quality wheels to the table!

Please PM me or contact me at the shop for any questions regarding the wheels.

Please visit our website for all specs bolt patterns etc... www.ESMWheels.com

We will be offering -15% OFF On all our wheels for a limited time!!!



17x8 et35/20 5x100 57.1 SILVER
17x9 et 40/25 5x100 57.1 SILVER

18x8 et 35 5x100 cb 57.1 GUNMETAL/ SILVER
18x9 et 38 5x100 cb 57.1 GUNMETAL/ SILVER

19x8.5 et 32 5x100 73.1 GUNMETAL/ SILVER
19x9.5 et 38 5x100 73.1 GUNMETAL SILVER

Here are the specs:

17x8 All Around
17x8 17x9 Staggered

18x8 All Around
18x8 18x9 staggered

19x8.5 All Around
19x9.5 All Around

READY TO ORDER? Just buy through the site www.esmwheels.com

1 - 20 of 528 Posts
Not open for further replies.