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Okay, I'm almost ready to give up and just buy US parts. But I figured in one last ditch effort, I'd post and see if anyone bites.

I've contacted some vendors that claim to sell the Euro Bumper for the R32 (in North America)... None have responded. I won't name names, because I don't feel that's necessarily fair, since I don't know the real reason that they've not responded... But it's pretty frustrating.
And they do advertise here...
I am ready to buy the following (if the price is reasonable, not marked up 100% or anything ridiculous, obviously)
Euro cover, Euro support, Euro washer covers, and if anyone can tell me if I need it, the foam insert.... And, if someone can definitively tell me what is involved with getting the washers to work on a US car, I'd like those also.
Does anyone actually sell this (OEM parts only please)? has anyone done this? Any definite info out there?
I'm looking for price and lead time and, again, I'm ready to buy, but I guess I need to find someone willing to sell first, right?

Thanks everyone.
I swear this is my last post about this...
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