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euro fender trim

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Should I get euro fender trim? Or not? If I get it it will be sanded and smoothed. Also these pics are old, I now have it lowered about another inch with the cup kit and it now has the Axis Neo's rims. http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=1778259&a=13752366&f=0
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Re: euro fender trim (hot_h2o)

Do it. The more Euro edition parts you can get, the better.
Re: euro fender trim (Doug Brekke)

If I was starting over I'd have all euro texture trim including flares.. if you like it, do it!
Re: euro fender trim (SLC PUNK)

smoothed fenders are one thing... so are textured fenders
.... different strokes for different folks

i honestly would have done the samething with jasons car.. and pulled the fenders like he did ... but on my car i see textured euro flares.... i think it all depends on the flavour of the car...
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Re: euro fender trim (STEALTHDEMONDUB)

I like pulled fenders better too but it's not as cost effective
But you'd have to hear the rest for it to fit in.. black ODBI VR6 GTI, euro everything with full texture... huge, huge drop on 15" mk4 wheels, shaved hatch, VSR with fully built NA motor.. stuff like that

[Modified by LostManScout, 6:56 PM 11-23-2001]
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Re: euro fender trim (LostManScout)

has anyone seen a gti with euro flares and trim but not a euro bumper? I want the trim and and flares but dont know if i can do the bumbers yet.
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