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Euro Fenders for Rabbit

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What is the difference between Euro spec and US spec fenders? My fenders are fine but is it worth spending the money?
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Re: Euro Fenders for Rabbit (vwrabbitgti83)

You can only use euro spec fenders if you are planning on doing a round headlight set-up. The euro fenders look like the fenders on a Cabby, they don't have the cutout for the American front corner lights.
Re: Euro Fenders for Rabbit (vwrabbitgti83)

Do not buy aftermarket ones if you get some! Mine came all dented up and did not fit well. Go to VW yard and get some off of an older rabbit or cabby.
Re: Euro Fenders for Rabbit (mk1g60)

i got aftermarket ones and they are fine...they don't fit as perfectly...but they were brand new...it would be almost impossible to find a set of originals at a wrecking yard that wasn't rusty or dinged......
you can get the cabby fenders new from the dealer...it's just a lot more expensive!
Re: Euro Fenders for Rabbit (vwrabbitgti83)

Some aftermarket fenders are really crap. There are some decent ones, however.
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