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euro headlight fitment on early mk2

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There's a set for sale on ebay where the description says they'll only fit late '84 and up. This true?
edit> heres the quote and a link-seller is in germany
They will mount directly, on any (Scirocco 2) years “1985 through 1993” (And late year model 1984)...........


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Re: euro headlight fitment on early mk2 (coloradorocco)

Josh is right. For North America, 1982-1988.
Not sure when production began in Germany for the Mk2, but my guess is it would be slightly in advance of the US; 1982. They also continued production longer than the US; 1992.
Re: euro headlight fitment on early mk2 (coloradorocco)

anyone out there done an 82/83/early84 for a definitive answer?
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