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Re: Euro plate for front bumper question....... (Graz-Wolf 01')

Graz, when I asked about the euro plate before here on the 'Tex, I was told that I'd have to either drill the front N.A. bumper strip for holes (My dealer knows better than to put a front licence plate on
) or switch the whole front bumper and strip to the euro one in order to get the euro plate cut out/ flat spot to mount it. Being that I don't want to drill sh!t, I used the euro plate bracket that came with the euro plate when I got it and put two 1 1/2" strips 'o Velcro on the bumper strip and flexed the plate to get a curve out of it. The nice thing about the euro plate holder is that it has a multitude of mounting holes in it, and there should be some that will line up with the US plate holes you already have. They lined up on my Mk3 perfectly. This time, though, when I go to the mall or any other shady place, I just yank the whole thing off and lock it up in the car.
Works well for me, and it stays on fine, even at the "occasional" 65MPH + jaunts...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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