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Euro PLate?

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OK....anyone know of a website I can go to , to order a euro lic. plate for my car...the front end looks so naked!!!!!
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Re: Euro PLate? (DaBlackGolf)

wouldn't want your car to be nekkid!
Re: Euro PLate? (DaBlackGolf)

Good stuff and authentic.
- Jack
Re: Euro PLate? (NeedSLCBad)

euro plates are gay (unless you live in europe eh
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Re: Euro PLate? (mk2jetta)

quote:[HR][/HR]euro plates are gay (unless you live in europe eh
even then
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Re: Euro PLate? (Dutchman)

I love euro plates, but I took mine off the other day and my front end looks way cleaner. I think I'll just hang the plate on my wall now.
Re: Euro PLate? (Fettes Brot)

Like I've said long ago, they are rice.
I've seen people with euro plates go on about how Civics with stickers are rice...well, euro plates are just as pointless.
If you like, you like. But my advice would be a nice grille spoiler, or maybe a lip spoiler, depending on your model.
Re: Euro PLate? (A2JettaDriver)

quote:[HR][/HR]Like I've said long ago, they are rice.[HR][/HR]​

IMHO, they look very nice. US plates are ugly

Plus, its very hard for cops to ticket out-of-country visitors, so there might be a (slim) chance that it helps you not get pulled over once in a while.
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