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euro rear clip?

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Anyone know where i can order one?
I got rear ended and want to "upgrade".
I found a place in an old vwm but they have no web site and theres no way that i'm calling europe...maybe someone in the us imports them? Any info would be appreciated...
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Re: euro rear clip? (83 bunny)

get a small tail light rear panel from dealer only $180 german
Re: euro rear clip? (eurotrashrabbit)

junk yard rear clip. probably really cheap
also, talk to diesel dub on vortex, he has access to a lot of old vdubs
he won't tell me his secret location......
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Re: euro rear clip? (Big CADDY)

euro car parts has them for 25 pounds....it's not very heavy, but it's big...so shipping shouldn't be too bad..get them to throw in the euro tail lights, and the backing plates......you'l be set with euro tail lights for about $100US...

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Re: euro rear clip? (mk1gti girl)

I have access to J-yard with about 40 early rabbits 80 and earlier some grey market cars too and 2 mk1 sciroccos
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