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Euro VR6 Light part #s

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Okay everyone I need your help. I have a friend living in Germany and I was wondering if there was any reason i could not have him buy me some of the Euro VR6 headlights for my SLC. If there is not reason why he wouldn't be able to do that for me, can you help me out with the list of part #s and parts I would need. One last thing, any idea if this will end up costing me more (obviously exchange rate will affect the cost) than just buying the setup through a vender? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Euro VR6 Light part #s (pswarren)

Your friend should just be able to go in and the parts guy will look up the numbers for a german Corrado. If your friend is military he'll be exempt from german taxes and will be able to ship them to you via US mail saving a good chunk of change. If you know how to wire them them connectors and relay's can be bought bought at any good parts store as far as I know, I don't have first hand experience on this mod as I haven't done mine yet.
Re: Euro VR6 Light part #s (cmespeedn)

The average IQ of a vw parts department person is pretty uniform around the world. Just make him specify that it is for the vr6 and you'll /he'll be fine.
You should buy the adapter that plugs into the back of the lights whilst your at it.
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