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European Connections? Had an idea.

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I have a buddy who is close friends with sombody in England. My question is, would it be cheaper for me to ask my buddy's friend to pick me up a set of EURO spec GTI tail lights (red/smoked/smoked/red)? than if I bought them from say pgperformance or c1vw?
Also,...he talks to one of his cousins from Germany regularily,.which could mean I will have a connection in Germany as well. Taking shipping to Canada into consideration, would parts ordered from Germany or England still be cheaper than purchasing them from another Canadian store?
Would parts ordered from a Euro Spec GTI(Germany or England model) fit my NA spec GTI?
Also, is there any neat Euro items I should purchase? So far the things on my list are Euro GTI Rear tail lights and a Euro switch. What else?
Sidenote: I really wish I had my GTI when i went to Italy this past summer,..I saw a lot of VW dealerships, but never stopped in any of them

Thanks, Justin

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Re: European Connections? Had an idea. (stabb3d)

the euro split mirrors! they eliminate blind spots. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: European Connections? Had an idea. (stabb3d)

GTI Recaro seats! I love these things!
Re: European Connections? Had an idea. (keoni004)

Anybody know how much I will save by buying stuff from European Dealerships, as opposed to Canadian speed shops?
Or can anybody answer any of my other questions from my first post?
Re: European Connections? Had an idea. (stabb3d)

Yes, its cheaper, if u do it right.
Prices from dealers are not much cheaper than in NA from say a speed shop.
If you can get used stuff, you will pay WAY less!
For example, just like here, when someone dumps on OEM part for an aftermarket one, they sell the OEM parts cheap just to get rid of them.
I paid $20 (compared to $130 from the "GB") for a set of Bora tails (red/clear) that were used from Germany. Want more examples? $10 for a Euro rheostat ($42 is the lowest price I found in NA), $12 for a Euroswitch, $25 for a stubby passenger mirror! That you can't beat.
If you buy from a dealer, you might pay a little less because of currency conversions, but shipping takes that away real fast. I was gonna get a Bora special shifter and boot. The total cost was $75 shipped from a German dealer. Worth saving $8? Not really...
I would suggest getting you buddy to search junkyards for you or talk to people he knows who are selling OEM parts...
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