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European Fenders??

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Who sells European fenders in the US? Are they OEM metal or fiberglass? Thanks.
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Re: European Fenders?? (Lewylou78)

RPI, there metal, and made in italy
Re: European Fenders?? (Dieder)

RPI's are nice quality.

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Re: European Fenders?? (tram)

Whats the difference between 8V and Euro Fenders??
Re: European Fenders?? (ilovemy92gti)

No hole for the banana lights.
Re: European Fenders?? (Tinker)

Oh, almost forgot...Can you fit the 16V/G60 flares onto the euro fenders that RPI sells?
Re: European Fenders?? (Lewylou78)

What do you have in mind J? Did you get another car? just wondering

BTW free bump for a good dude http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: European Fenders?? (Lewylou78)

quote:[HR][/HR]Oh, almost forgot...Can you fit the 16V/G60 flares onto the euro fenders that RPI sells?[HR][/HR]​
yup, i have a set on my car
Re: European Fenders?? (Patrick P.)

Volk14, yeah bro, I'm getting another A2 golf that is getting reworked from the ground up. I want to make it look completely euro. How is your 92 GTI coming along? I know you have been working hard on it.
Patrick P, Did you get the euro fenders from RPI?
Re: European Fenders?? (Lewylou78)

yup, sure did...e-mail me if you'd like pics.

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Re: European Fenders?? (Lewylou78)

How much are they and is shipping even an option?
they seem like a big item so they'd be hard to transport.
I Smell a group buy a brewin! too bad I'm on the other side of the planet from RPI!
Re: European Fenders?? (citat3962)

They can ship. My passanger side feder was about 60 or 70 dollars. Shipping can get pricey. I think it cost me $30 to ship.
Re: European Fenders?? (tram)

too bad i just sold my set of euro fenders for 100 bux.......the only thing i dont like bout em is dat the drivers side fender has the hole for the fender antenna.
Re: European Fenders?? (m3technic)

yeah man, still working on it. About 2 months ago I got me:
a brand new set of wheels/tires, suspension, bigger front brakes, brand new master cilynder/rotors and pads, wheels bearings, ball joints, tie rods, cv axle boots and the list goes on and on. Next step? the engine.
I thought about to sell it last week when I saw on my local newspaper one mint 97 Jetta GLX (VR6) with 45k miles but to be honest I love my car. I have so much effort, money and all that I just can't sell it.
Good luck on your project http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif ...is good to know you're still around.
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