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Eurotunerfest outcom!!!!!!!!!!

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Eurotunerfest outcome!!!!!!!!!!

Well I must say there were some awesome looking cars out there today, some mean machines. All I can say is I had a good time today , especially going on the track with my friend Antoine in his new Audi A4 Quattro, that baby takes turns so well. As for the weather I loved it, it was a bit windy at times and in some parts but bearable, all in all I had a good time.... Can't wait to do it again...... http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

[Modified by EvoJetta, 6:02 PM 11-25-2001]
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Re: Eurotunerfest outcome!!!!!!!!!! (EvoJetta)

Hey Sal, cool to finally meet ya. I was the one that spotted your ride back at Camarillo.
Sweet ride with the 19's!!!

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Re: Eurotunerfest outcome!!!!!!!!!! (VR6JetPilot)

Thanks, and it was great meeting you also. Now I have to start working on getting my supercharger so I can move those 19's....LOL.....
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Re: Eurotunerfest outcome!!!!!!!!!! (EvoJetta)

<---------boost boost boost!
Rieger ronnys and Booty budi are both gonna be boostin turbos!!!!
vrrm vrmm......WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT chh chh chh chh chh *love that hks
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Re: Eurotunerfest outcome!!!!!!!!!! (WoLFie4Jetta)

wasup martin, nice too meet u as well, SHHHHHHH!< yulton, quiet!!! its a secret!! lols!!!!, u just killed iT! damn U , i need turbo, albert's car is the poop. !! anyone wanan trade vr6 for 18t??! gotta be flash red tho
Re: Eurotunerfest outcome!!!!!!!!!! (ronny5)

great meeting you too ronny. man, your car is even more awesome in person. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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