Now in it's forth year Euro Tripper 4 is making quite a name for itself, attracting vendors and attendees from across the southeastern United States, and beyond to Fort Meyers, Florida.  Conceptualized and designed specifically to pay homage to the most noteworthy shows of Europe (Players and Edition 38 to be specific), Euro Tripper is much more than your typical 'laid back' European car event.  Taking the emphasis off of traditional trophies and placing it firmly on the social aspect of the enthusiast community, this year's event just may change the way other events are planned.  But that's not to say a few statues won't make their way to a few attendees, though.

Also on hand for the event will be photographers and videographers from literally around the world, including some on behalf of Performance VW, Canibeat, as well as our pal Si Gray.  In addition to the aforementioned photo and video crews on site, Volkswagen of America will have an official presence at the event for the first time ever, certifying Euro Tripper as a top-tier event.

Those interested in attending this weekend's event at JetBlue Park in Fort Meyers, Florida can find more information here .