Philadelphia-based aftermarket staple AWE Tuning has had quite the year.  Over these last 12 months, the brand has launched a full line of products for BMW and moved to a larger facility, all while expanding their support for Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen models.  It only makes sense then, that this year's BBQ and Car Show be the largest one yet.


Although the event was the recipient of a one-week rain delay, cars quickly filled the parking lot, the lawn surrounding their new building, and the road they're located on.  Not bad for an event that kicked off at 5pm, while many were either still at work or stuck somewhere on Philadelphia's heavily congested highways.


The cars surrounding AWE's new headquarters were certainly impressive in their own right, but it was the building itself that was the main attraction.  Many walked right past the McLarens and Maseratis brought by AWE's friends on the Main Line to get in a lengthy queue, awaiting their tour of the new facility.



And the tour well worth the wait.  Featuring everything that has made AWE Tuning what it is today, just more of it, attendees were able to get a true feel of what it takes to make AWE's bread and butter products.  It's a process that we're quite familiar with, having been able to watch our Golf SportWagen's system take these very steps just a few weeks ago.


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