A fixture on the west coast enthusiast show must certainly be Big SoCal Euro, one that's been going for years and continues to be one of the best on the West Coast. Each summer, thousands of cars descend upon the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot for this all-European event, and no surprise, the Volkswagen Group enthusiast presence is always very good.

Big SoCal Euro offers a little something for everyone, including drag racing at the 1/8th mile strip, exotic cars, vintage cars, show cars, and countless daily drivers of any type of Euro car you can imagine.

This year was particularly hot, but the heat didn’t prevent a good turnout. Hot dry weather isn't exactly an unusual occurrence in SoCal, but likely even these drought laden locals wouldn't have skipped out even in heavy rain.


Vendors have always been an important part of the show's draw, with the best shops in Southern California bringing their A-game. This year was no different in that regard. Even better, there was also another insane raffle with prizes including a set of HRE wheels, Bilstein coilovers, and much more.

One constantly evolving element of Big SoCal Euro is trend spotting. Every year seems to reveal the latest cars and modification styles that are popular at the moment. In recent years, this has been over-fender/bolt-on wide bodies, but that craze seems to be passing in favor of more performance oriented modifications. Race liveries also seem to be on the rise, no doubt in part to the ever-evolving world of vinyl wraps.

What crazy wide bodies are still around are beginning to pack in more performance as well, with upgrades to engines that promise more "go" to match all the "show".

Unlike a lot of larger east coast enthusiast shows, BigSoCal Euro didn't start out as a Volkswagen show. In as much, VW isn't the main focus and the numbers of the cars aren't always the most dominant on the field. Nevertheless, there were a great selection of VWs on the field, specifically the always popular on the west coast air-cooled variety.


Another area of growth in type of cars is that of Porsche. Thanks in large part to L.A. based players like Singer and Magnus Walker, the popularity of any generation 911 is definitely on the rise. This year there were many gorgeous 993 and 996 Porsches that featured subtle bodywork with nice wheels and an aggressive drop.

Further brand growth may also be attributed to Lamborghini. This is L.A., so there's never really been a shortage of raging bulls. Even still, new models like the Aventador and Huracan make for an ever-growing population of Sant Agata Bolognese's finest.

When it comes to Audi, the four rings were definitely well represented, including a presence by the Audi Club chapters from San Diego, Los Angeles, Inland Empire and even Las Vegas all having a huge presence in the VIP section.

Not surprisingly, there were many nicely modified cars throughout the general parking area. From B5s to RS 7s, there was a lot of amazing Audis for people like my to ogle. Two favorites proved to be the R8 on Rotiforms and Fourtitude's own  Project RS 7  on HREs and built by TAG Motorsports.

As always, a big thanks goes out to Lon Mok as well as the entire SoCal Euro crew for making this event possible. It takes an entire year to plan, and when you get there you’ll see the fruits of their labor. The event is incredibly well organized and always seems to come off without a hitch.

In a lot of ways, this event epitomizes the SoCal car culture. It's laid back, eclectic, and accepting. Whether you like wagons or convertibles, big blocks or forced induction, you’ll find it at Big SoCal Euro.

Editor's Note: Thanks to  RallyWays  and Paul Chan Photography for contributing hundreds of photos to our coverage. Thanks also to  Nick Roshon of NicksCarBlog.com  for contributing this story and many of his own photos. Finally, thanks also to Lon  Mok for helping put us in contact with these contributors. Coverage like t his story about Big SoCal Euro could not help without the cooperation of these talented photographers and author from the Audi scene. We sincerely appreciate their efforts and generosity in allowing us to share it all with Fourtitude readers. Check out these three photographers' hundreds of photos from the event via our photo gallery link below.