Normally when you think of a Volkswagen Event, you think of a sweltering parking lot in New Jersey, or perhaps a grassy park with some trees to provide shade from the summer sun.  Now in its fourth year, Dub Deliverance looks to change all that, giving Volkswagen and Audi owners free reign of Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia.  A large number of enthusiasts took Dub Deliverance up on their offer, running on track with personnel from Volkswagen of America, APR, New German Performance and others.


Walking around the pits is always cool, but the real action was on track.  Seeing Volkswagen of America employees clipping apexes was not out of the ordinary.  Watching APR's MaxR demand a point-by from nearly everything else it encountered was common place.   Hearing Nothing Leaves Stock's One Lap of America MK5 pop on upshifts so loudly that other drivers occasionally covered their ears was all part of the experience.  With no trophies, and only just pride on the line, Dub Deliverance (and Fastivus on the West Coast) leave us wondering why there aren't more events like them.


For those who were looking for something a bit more sideways, the infield featured a fully operational wet skidpad.  There was usually a line for the skidpad, and a decent crowd watching the action.  Some took it easy, while others used the benefit of Haldex All-Wheel-Drive to use it as their own personal drift circuit.


We had a blast at the event, and will definitely be back next year, hopefully taking part in some on-track driving of our own.  With a little help from our friends at MacPhotographers, we ended up with roughly 430 images from the event, which can be seen right here.