Taking place yearly in the Netherlands, MiVW is an incredibly laid back event.  Utilizing a Naval Air Base as its show field, MiVW brings out thousands of highly customized Volkswagens, Audis and more from all over Europe.  Luckily for us, our man Si Gray was there to capture it all.


Like many weekend-long shows that take place here in the States, attendees arrive early to take in the sights and sounds before Sunday's show.  For those who do arrive early, the host hotel is home to a pre-party which serves as a fitting kickoff to the weekend.


Over the past few years, MiVW has seen a large increase in attendees and show cars making it one of the must-hit events on the European show calendar.   Judging by the photos alone, we'd say that its well worth the trip.


Check out our full gallery HERE, and keep an eye out for more European show coverage from Si Gray.