If you've spent any time at a Volkswagen enthusiast event (any of them, really), theres a very good chance that you've seen Orchid Euro and their blue Volkswagen Crafter-conveted Sprinter van, surrounded by more than a few Volkswagens converted to resemble their European-spec counterparts.  To those in the know, owner Jamie Orr and his staff can best be described as facilitators, working tirelessly to find, purchase, and import the rarest, most obscure parts from around the world for your car.  These 'pickers' of the international Volkswagen scene have recently moved from their former Norristown, PA location to a new facility just up the road in nearby Pottstown.  This past weekend, the company opened their doors for customers and friends to come and check out their new digs.


Packed quite literally to the gills with every euro-spec Volkswagen part you could imagine, Orchid Euro's new shop is arranged in a cohesive manner that encourages browsing.  Rows of trunks, bumpers, steering wheels and lights go from floor to ceiling, meaning that most anything you'd want is available to simply grab and go, sometimes even painted in the correct color.  It's a sight to behold for any Volkswagen enthusiast.


The real magic to Orchid Euro is their ability to obtain what isn't available.  Owner Jamie Orr regularly gives his passport a workout, working hard to secure the impossible to find for the more discerning clients.  As of recent, they've seen a spike in full vehicle importation ( more of that can be seen here ), although the team considers that side of the business more of a courtesy service rather than their bread and butter.


If you'd like to learn more about Orchid Euro and the services they provide, check out their website , Facebook page , or Instagram .  For more images from the event, click here.