Each year, Ultimate Dubs brings the best of the UK's Volkswagen scene to the largest indoor show of its kind.  Held just outside of Birmingham, more than 250 cars from nearly all Volkswagen Group manufacturers were in attendance at the Telford International Centre this past weekend, and our man Si Gray was there to take it all in.


As we've come to expect by now, things are done to a completely different level in Europe.  Whether it be a first generation Golf, or the latest from Audi, builders have a knack for being able to put things together in a way that you might not be able to fully grasp what you're looking at right away.


We've noticed that builders are starting to catch up to the US when it comes to the Mk4 scene, with more and more popping up in Si's post-game reports after each show.


But while the focus is most certainly on older Volkswagen models, there is still a strong presence from the current generation cars.  Case in point was the Mk7 above with reverse-mounted BBS E88 Motorsport wheels and an extremely low ride height.


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