World Cup fever is alive and well in Wolfsburg, with Volkswagen pledging a 1,000 Euro donation to the UNESCO Foundation for every goal scored by a partner team during the tournament.  Volkswagen currently is a partner of six different national soccer teams, and so far their donation has totaled 43,000 Euro with one match left to play.  While we still haven't quite made our mind up about who we want to win, if Argentina wins the World Cup Final this Saturday, Volkswagen will donate an additional 10,000 Euro to the foundation.

Check out the full Press Release below.
  • Total donation for Professional Training Centre in Nabelin, Burkina Faso already 43,000 Euro

 As the partner of six national soccer teams, the Volkswagen brand is donating 1,000 Euro to the Foundation UNESCO – Education for Children in Need for each goal scored by its partner teams in Brazil. Under the motto of "Goals for Good", the total amount accumulated to date for a charitable project is 43,000 Euro. The final amount will depend on the third-place play-off and of course the final on July 13. The money will go to support the Professional Training Centre in Burkina Faso (West Africa).

 "The world continues to watch Brazil and we are coming up to a fantastic final. With "Goals for Good", we are combining passion for the soccer event of the year with a donation campaign. Our partner teams have already scored more than 40 goals. I am looking forward to two exciting matches, with many goals, of course," said Anders-Sundt Jensen, Head of Marketing Communications, Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand.

Volkswagen is sponsoring the national teams from Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, the Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland. For the donation campaign, the total number of goals scored by the six teams from the first round through to the final is counted. All goals scored during the first 90 minutes. Volkswagen will also donate an additional 10,000 Euro to the Foundation UNESCO if the national team of Argentina sponsored by Volkswagen wins the final and becomes the next world champion. "Of course, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both teams. Germany versus Argentina – there can only be winners in this match," Jensen added, thinking of the training project.
The Foundation UNESCO is an internationally active organization that supports education projects for children and young people in regions hit by war and crisis throughout the world. The donation, which will be determined at the end of the tournament, will go to the Professional Training Centre in Nabelin, Burkina Faso, where young people from this region severely affected by poverty are offered vocational prospects. The centre provides young people with education in reading, writing and arithmetic. They also learn a trade that will allow them to take their future and their living conditions into their own hands.