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Evolution Sports Event Coverage | SEMA 2004
SEMA draws over a 100,000 “industry professionals” each year. This year, SEMA officials say the attendance grew even larger. In my opinion, the increase in size directly relates to the increasing number of enthusiasts and non-industry professionals attending the show. Having a “buyer badge” is not as substantial as it probably used to be five years ago. For myself, I attend SEMA as both an industry professional and an enthusiast so I can see both sides of the coin. Regardless of who you are SEMA is a fast-paced trip which will have you walking from 7 AM to 6 PM every day.
On the subject of show cars and products at SEMA, the European community is represented by a small percentage of BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen & exotic makes. Certain companies such as CEC, H&R, Toyo and Kinesis displayed very high-quality European cars in their booths.
In spite of the lack of European cars, I found a deep appreciation in the quality and appearance of several non-European makes. The new 2005 Ford Mustangs came out in full-force with already over 50 performance and aftermarket accessories available. Nissan 350Z’s, Mazda RX-8’s, Subaru WRX’s were some of the other impressive vehicles I witnessed this year.
For the complete gallery, Click HERE. The following photos & captions are highlights from my personal adventure through this year’s SEMA.
Sam Du
Evolution Sports
Central Hall
The central hall is where the core of the show lies. Most of your favorite tuners and the newest products will be featured in this hall.
H&R Special Springs featured a nicely done BMW 6-Series with Hamann Aerodynamics and Radenergie R10’s.

This widebody, twin-turbocharged Nissan 350Z was a definite show stopper.

Eisenhaus brought out a widebody BMW E46 M3 painted in chrome. There were two or three other cars painted this way in the show.

This Audi B5 S4 sat nicely in the Hot Import Nights booth. The widebody on this car is flawless and I admire the Kinesis wheels with black lips.

Praxis air-ride suspension is now available for the BMW E46 3-Series.

I had the pleasure of rolling the Las Vegas Strip in this clean Mercedes-Benz CLK after the show on Friday. The car features a new wheel design by Lexion.

North Hall
The Mobile Electronics Hall was the smallest and least of the exciting halls at SEMA. There were a couple of European cars and car audio demo vehicles to watch.
Spot the subwoofer on this bike.

The interior of this VW B5 Passat was extreme.

This Toyota Celica brings new meaning to bazooka bass tubes.

Junction Produce is a high-end Japanese tuner. Their styling and trends are still new to the US market. It will be a matter of time before many luxury vehicles dress up in these classy Japanese products.

South Hall
The Wheel & Tire Hall showcase some of the most elaborate booths at a show.
Falken Tires matched their display vehicles with a drifting theme. Even a 2005 Mustang was outfitted for drifting.

HRE Performance Wheels unveiled their new 940R wheels for luxury sedans, coupes and sport SUV’s.

One of my favorite cars at the show was this Gemballa Bi-Turbo Porsche Cayenne.

I have always wanted to see this car in person. The Alpine MINI Cooper S sat nicely in Toyo Tires booth.

The design of Michelin’s booth was my favorite. A large half-circle ramp featured some impressive vehicles such as the new Porsche Carrera GT.

HPA’s Twin-Turbo R32 was featured in the BBS Booth. The car was awarded “Best of Show” by Sony Playstation and will be a featured car in the next Gran Turismo video game.

My personal favorite car of the show was the Novitec Rosso Ferrari F360 located in the CEC booth. This car was recently featured in tUNINGwERKS Magazine Issue #5. Since its feature, I have been awaiting the moment of seeing this 555HP dream car in person.

Kinesis was featuring their new forged one piece wheel, the F110, for the BMW E46. They also unveiled new wheel sizes for their previous wheel line-up.

Carlsson showcased a new Mercedes-Benz R171 SLK, the only one at the show.

Like most car shows I attend, the “real show is out in the parking lot.” The outdoor venue at SEMA presented a variety of nice cars.
This Nissan Skyline has been displayed at auto shows for years across the west coast. It still looks immaculate to date.

It’s hard to go wrong with HRE 841R’s on a BMW E46 M3.

Drift demonstrations were being held throughout SEMA. Willing attendees were given the opportunity to ride passenger in this Skyline.

Drift cars were ample at SEMA.

Recently featured in Eurotuner magazine, this widebody Audi A4 drew enormous crowds of SEMA attendees.

This BMW Z4 is named the “V8 Topster.”

The number of cars parked in the foyer decreased this year from 2003. There were only a few cars of interest to me.
The infamous Craig Lieberman’s widebody BMW E46 M3 received loads of attention.

Another one of my personal favorites was the Five Axis / Pioneer Scion xB DJ Mobile. The DJ platform slides out of the rear of the car using a linear actuator motor. When the transformation is complete, a micro switch activates the two-tiered rack housing the DJ equipment. The top rack contains two turntables and the bottom rack houses two digital turntables and a mixer.

A must-see time of the show happens during roll-out. We can look at all the cars we want from Tuesday-Friday, but it is another thing to see and hear them drive.

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