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Ewww. Yuck. Bad jujubes.

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There is a guy on another site that has a prob, I told him I would look into it, and talk to my motor head buddies. That's you.
He just put a refurbished motor in his wagon, so that makes it a CIS-E system. He runs it for a little while, and it goes poop. Says he has gas in his air filter???.
Now I know on you "performance/sadist/wish I had a Digifant so I didn't have to change expensive pumps/gimme that Digifant TB! " junkies cars, the fuel distributor sits on top of the the air box. I can just imagine that changing air filters are fun, but that is despite the fact. Any ideas on where this could be leaking at??
Thanks, guys. I feel for this poor felllow.
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Re: Ewww. Yuck. Bad jujubes. (92foxrox)

I'm wondering, and this is my best guess without really studying it, if there's fuel leaking from around the fuel distributor control plunger. This is about the only real access I can think of that would allow fuel into the airbox and onto the air filter.
Any other guesses?
Re: Ewww. Yuck. Bad jujubes. (DonL)

Yeah, what DonL said! Any other source should be visible from outside the airbox and shouldn't get inside it.
Maybe double check vac. hose routing to be certain the fuel pressure regulator isn't puking out the end port.
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