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*** Exemplary 2015 Audi B8.5 S4 Prestige DSG AWD ***

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2015 Audi B8.5 S4 - Description and History

I am selling my super clean, meticulously maintained, one-owner 2015 Audi B8.5 S4. Owning, driving and deliberately enhancing this S4 for performance, handling, style and longevity has been my auto hobby-passion over the past 5+ years. Now that this S4 has been perfectly dialed in for some time, and it is time to let her go and take on a new hobby-passion.

This S4 is in exemplary condition inside and out and is 100% mechanically sound – she wants for absolutely nothing! Except, a new owner that will enjoy and care for her as I have.

I have put a little over 71k miles on her, using her as my weekday daily driver to and from the office. So, over 90% of the miles on this S4 are from highway use. As I have other vehicles to use, she will now sit until a new owner collects her.

Never tracked, or auto crossed. No accidents, never smoked or eaten in. Always garaged and never driven in inclement weather. No animals or children have graced her interior. Indeed, the rear seats have never been used. The interior is flawless and is in "like-new" condition. All care (regular washing and detailing), maintenance (all Audi vehicle services at accelerated service intervals/schedules), and enhancements/installations have been done almost exclusively by me. Did I mention this S4 has been my auto hobby-passion over the past 5+ years….

One of a kind 2015 Audi B8.5 S4 that is comfortable, luxuriously appointed, pleasing to the eye and an absolute pleasure to cruise along the freeway in. She can also flip the switch instantaneously and sprint to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and handle like on rails when called upon to do so.

Stock Details – Well Appointed Audi B8.5 S4 in the Prestige Trim Package

  • 2015 Audi S4, Prestige Trim Level, Daytona Gray pearl effect, Full Black Leather Interior
  • Audi quattro AWD
  • 7-speed DSG – dual automatic clutch transmission
  • Fully loaded with every available option except (1) the drive assist package w/ adaptive cruise, and (2) the rear window shade
  • See Window Sticker photo for the details on standard and optional equipment on this S4

Performance Enhancements – Power and Protection

  • GIAC Stage 2 Dual Pulley ECU Tune with conservative 57 mm supercharger pulley and 183 mm Fluidamper pulley combo
  • GIAC DSG Transmission TCU Tune
  • GIAC 3.0T B8/B8.5 Fuel Pump Kit and modified fuel pump (presently have the original fuel pump installed as I do not top end this S4 other than for testing purposes, but am happy to reinstall the modified pump if desired)
  • GIAC Mobile Flashloader Device with thumb drive containing pump, race and valet tunes and stock vehicle ECU and TCU tunes
  • Alpha Performance Audi B8.5 S4 Boost Cooler System
  • Revo Air Intake System with Fuel Line Relocation Kit (with a new extra air filter cone head)
  • Sprint Booster Electronic Adjustable Accelerator Controller (for throttle tip-in immediacy which I tend to prefer)
  • Eurocode supercharge boost tap and line to P3 Gauge
  • Ethanol/Flex Fuel Sensor and line to P3 Gauge if you elect to use E30 (which I do in AZ on account of the 91 AKI fuel and to help combat carbon build up in the engine valves)

Handling Enhancements – Comfortable, Smooth and Handles Like on Rails

  • Forgestar lightweight CF5V wheels
  • Eurocode Ala-Kreuz Chassis Cross Brace
  • Eurocode Front and Rear Anti-Sway Bars and Endlinks
  • 034 Street Density Strut Mounts
  • CR-15 Engine Top Chassis Brace Bar
  • KW Height Adjustable Springs
  • 034 Street Density Control Arm Replacement Kit
  • 034 Transmission and Differential Mount Stabilizer Inserts
  • JHM 2-piece lightweight performance brake hat and rotors
  • Hawk HP 5.0 Brake Pads (with new extra set for changing next year)

Styling and Functional Enhancements – Bold but Understated Presence

  • Custom gloss black wheels, honeycomb grille, fog light facia/grills, mirror caps, side skirt trim panels, rear diffuser, and trunk lip spoiler (have a new extra honeycomb grill in the ready as I have had to replace two already as a result of roadway projectiles)
  • Chrome delete Audi badges/emblems
  • Spectra PhotoSync Solar Adaptive Tint on all windows and sunroof
  • Audi Europe Electronic Folding Side Mirrors
  • Paint Protection Film: Full Hood, Front Bumper, Front Fenders, Mirror Caps, Door Edges and Handle Cups, and Rear Bumper Deck
  • Custom S4 Floor Mats
  • Matching Xenon Fog Lights
  • Full Multi-Coat Ceramic Pro 9H Paint Protection with single coat maintenance application every other year
  • Audi MMI Connect with current Navigation Maps
  • Blendmount Betronics/Escort Radar Detector Mount and Mirror Tap
  • Mini-Curb Alert below front bumper to warn you of attacking parking blocks and curbs

This S4 is a silken missile. It super smooth, very easy to drive, is great for commuting or on long trips, but has some serious power reserves if you want to push the pedal to carpet. The setup is perfectly dialed and really is a super capable sleeper that is an absolute pleasure as a daily driver. I humbly suggest there is not a better conditioned, appointed, cared-for, and deliberately enhanced 2015 Audi B8.5 S4 available for resale anywhere.

I have both drivers keys, the valet key and everything from Audi when this S4 was originally entrusted to me. I am happy to ship the vehicle at the new owner’s expense and arrangement.

The VIN is WAUKGBFL6FA011697 and this S4 is and has always resided in Scottsdale, AZ.

I have spent in excess of $20,000 enhancing this $68,000 (with tax) 2015 Audi S4. I am asking $27,500 for her.

Please DM me with any additional questions you have and I will do my best to give a timely response. Be aware the Gallery photos extend on to a second page and will cycle back to the beginning of the first page unless opened or extended.

Thanks folks.

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