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Hi everyone. I am planing to do something with my CC 3.6. I was looking on youtube a lot but 99% of exhaust what people do is disaster for my taste. As I can see a lot of them removed suitcase muffler as they call it and immidately it has some irritating high frequency that I can't stand.

Maybe I am different but I like deep decent sound like 12v vr6 have. I have only one video from passat 3.6 that have sound not exactly but the most similar to something that I want.


So I would like to ask you if here is somebody different than 99% 3.6 owners that have sound like I want. If yes, please give me some suggestion (and video if possible) what to do to get that kind of sound.

My idea is to remove 2 rear mufflers and put two semi flow mufflers but I am not sure if I will get what I want.

I created new topic becouse all exhaust topic that I found is something that tis completely opposite of what I want.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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