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Exhaust donut gone!!!

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Well, just by going by the 'ol butt dyno the car seems to be more eager to rev. Also, the exhaust note is louder than it was before. I am running the stock exhaust minus the back muffler. Sounds like the old MG's or Fiats. Very european. Well worth the $2.56 for the new swivel ring. My .02...
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Re: Exhaust donut gone!!! (tscot)

You mention the "g" cam from a 8v GTI/GLI, in that event, wouldn't it prove even more valuable to just go ahead and use the entire head from the 8v GTI/GLI? That way you get the larger valves? Yet even more breathability?
Re: Exhaust donut gone!!! (tscot)

OK, sounds like instead of dropping just the head, I should go ahead and take the whole motor. Glad it's gonna be a direct swap. By the looks of it, the manifolds, oil pan and valve cover are all that need to be swapped. Does anyone know if the oil pickup needs swapped?
Re: Exhaust donut gone!!! (a1junkie)

Yeah, I'm the bozo who wanted the diesel fox, but because of the overall condition of this particular fox (immaculate and so far, other than the audi brakes, 100% stock) I am going to wait for another, lesser condition, fox wagon for the diesel.
Speaking of diesel, The little 86 diesel golf that I was going to buy for the motor in the swap in question, was sold out from under me before I could go pick it up. The mechanic selling it hotwired the cooling fan with a switch, and I told him after finding out it was sold that it would be back, burned up. Never guess what I saw sitting at the mechanic's shop the other day? Yup, that 86 diesel golf, with fused pistons. Idiot. That was a D A M N fine running diesel motor!
Edit: oh yeah, and about the 1.8l 8v swap, yeah, I knew about the filter mount, just forgot to mention it. So I need to go ahead and swap the entire oil pump/pickup? That should be no biggie. I don't remember though, does the distributor run off the same gear as the oil pump like some other non-vw motors? I put a oil pump back in 180degrees out of time once and it was the biggest damn headache that I ever experienced!

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Re: Exhaust donut gone!!! (a1junkie)

Ick, keep remembering even more stuff.
About the diesel swap, here's more thoughts on that. I was looking at the way the fuel pump is mounted on the diesel. Any thoughts on positioning of the ac compressor, alternator, etc? I don't want the alternator too close to the exhaust manifold, but do I want the ac compressor there either? there definatly is NOT enough room to mount everything on the diesel the way it is in a rabbit (in front, or when installed in-line, on the drivers side) due to the fuel pump. And I am still not sure about that intake manifold, will it have enough room? Maybe If I can find a 4-cyl diesel audi or a dasher, I could get rid of all these questions, but I have never had the opportunity to look at one. And without going TD, I would definately need a different transmission, as without the rpm range, a regular gasser tranny would prove to be a molasses-slow diesel. Am I right?
Re: Exhaust donut gone!!! (a1junkie)

quote:[HR][/HR] TD from a Quantum [HR][/HR]​
is that the 4 or 5 cyl?
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