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Exhaust donut gone!!!

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Well, just by going by the 'ol butt dyno the car seems to be more eager to rev. Also, the exhaust note is louder than it was before. I am running the stock exhaust minus the back muffler. Sounds like the old MG's or Fiats. Very european. Well worth the $2.56 for the new swivel ring. My .02...
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Re: Exhaust donut gone!!! (Anthracite Blue Dude)

Yeah, the restrictor in the stock ring blocks nearly half of the available area. Good riddance!
If you can find a cam from an 8V GTI/GLI or a Digifant A2 (has a "G" on the cam vs. the plain hydraulic cam which has an "A" that looks like a triangle) it will help it rev more freely at higher rpm's and can be very inexpensive. Makes it really sweet from 4-5 grand but still pulls nicely off the line.

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Re: Exhaust donut gone!!! (Vee Dubb)

Yes, Vee Dubb, the bigger-valve head is better. I just had one of the stock hydraulic factory GTI cams laying around and it will work better than the stock Fox cam until I get around to putting on a solid lifter GTI head (like vwcabby mentioned). Plus, the cam swap is easy and I was changing the cam cover gasket, anyway. I've got a Dasher ex. manifold to go with the GTI head and if I can round up some 10:1 pistons they'll go in at the same time.
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