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Exhaust donut gone!!!

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Well, just by going by the 'ol butt dyno the car seems to be more eager to rev. Also, the exhaust note is louder than it was before. I am running the stock exhaust minus the back muffler. Sounds like the old MG's or Fiats. Very european. Well worth the $2.56 for the new swivel ring. My .02...
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Re: Exhaust donut gone!!! (Vee Dubb)

Yes, the pickup and pump are differrent. So is the oil filter flange. All that can be swapped from your Fox when you start pulling the old engine.
But if you're going to pull the whole engine, and your origional intent was to do a TD swap...?
Re: Exhaust donut gone!!! (Vee Dubb)

Unsure- but my friend has the TD from a Quantum in his barn (which I may end up buying to put in my Fox). I'll take some pictures of it the next time I'm over there, so you can see how all the pumps and pullies are laid out.

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Re: Exhaust donut gone!!! (Vee Dubb)

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