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Exhaust, Finally!

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ok i'm finally gonna redo my entire exhaust system, due to a number of issues (need a new cat, rattling, exhaust leak, etc). anyways i think i have made up my mind i want a magnaflow, cause i dont want to get stuck with a crappy universal. what do you guys think? http://store.yahoo.com/exhaustpros/magstreetser1.html also what size tips? 3 or 3.5? i asked a while ago what you guys had and it ranged from 2.5 to 3.5, so i thought i'd ask a more specific question. also on the note of a new cat, any suggestions? i looked around the same store and found this: http://store.yahoo.com/exhaustpros/magpolstains1.html. which i'll probably pick up since i'm ordering anyways, magnaflow good? bad? any experiences? thanks for looking at this looooooonnnnng post.

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Re: Exhaust, Finally! (dyoung413)

well, i know the factory exhaust tips are angled so they fir right in the rear valance. those univerals (with box/tips) are best used for straight out applications. i know with my exhaust box and tip, it was quite a bit of fiddleing around to get it perfect. i modified my rear valance (ground effect) so i could have a DTM dual 3.5" tip nice and tight in there. the guy at the exhaust shop was getting pissed, cause it HAD TO BE PERFECT. only took like 30 minutes start to end, but a lot of tack welds...nope it's not perfect...nope not perfect.....ahhh yaaa.

so the pre-attached box/tip i think would not look right on a rocco due tot he angel at which the tip needs to exit the car.
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Re: Exhaust, Finally! (rockin16v)

i went with a Magnaflow - love it. You will have to watch the Irvine cops though, I was pulled over twice because it is "too loud" - whatever - *go find some Harleys if you want loud, jackass*.
dual 2 1/2 DTM's are plenty big Derek, trust me any bigger looks ridiculous.
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