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i'm starting to get really
with my cabby. I thought i might have had a bad vacuum leak, but after recent repairs that is virtually impossible.
the problem: getting on the gas (from a dead stop, shifting, or even when not shifting) and i get a small stutter before i actually get some accelleration. The only way i can explain the sound is go-cartish. get a lot of sputtering...
as mentioned, vacuum lines are good, injectors good, plugs/wires etc, timing is good (visibly only- all mechanical at 0, ignition lightly turned to the counter-clockwise direction), new fuel filter... I'm starting to think that it could be an exhaust leak but am unsure as i've NEVER experience a leak in a VW. My ol' 454 blew manifold gaskets monthly but that's a completely different beast....
anyone got some clues or anything?

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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