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Exhaust Q's

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When i lost my old dub i managed to save the 2.5" cat back exhaust but i had to cut it to get it off my old dub and i want it on my new one. Anyone have a welder or can suggest a good place to go to get it back on. Oh by the way i don't have high flow manifold it's just the stock one
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Re: Exhaust Q's (xcracer)

don't know about the quality of their work, but you could always try Bucky's...?..
Re: Exhaust Q's (Justdubbinaround)

buckys=scary. I saw a car that came form there once and they had welded the tailpipe hanger loop TO THE BODY!!!
Oh yeah, we have a welder here
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Re: Exhaust Q's (Rabbit 16v)

Chris, can you guys weld stainless? Oh yeah, and I forgot about those relays and headlights, should I come pick them up?
Re: Exhaust Q's (Rabbit 16v)

Hey whats the cost for me to come by say...tomorrow and get it done?
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