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Hey all, please don`t get pissed at me for asking this but I am looking ofr a new exhaust soon, since the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US dollar right now, seems like the right time to get some stuff for my car. In this case a new SS exhaust. Now I recently came across some threads about the resonator and warranty problems about the Autotech exhaust. This was the system I wanted to get since it is 2.5", SS, very reasonably priced and sounds sweet for the VR6 according to the sound clips.
Now I know that the system was designed/made by Magnaflow, so I guess my question is people out there who has experience with the Magnaflow system, have you run into the same problems like the Autotech with the resonators and warranty?
If the Magnaflow doesn`t have these problems then I might as well go with them, since I`m pretty sure that Magnaflow is a very reputable name.
Thanks in advance,
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