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exhaust questions...

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I am looking into a new exhaust.
I want something that flows well, but it is not very loud. The last thing I need is another cops attention.
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Re: exhaust questions... (JPawn1)

good call... sorry...
97 2.0 8v
Re: exhaust questions... (TWSTDVW)

Love the techtonics exhaust, aluminized, installed on my son's '95 Jetta 2.0 auto. Was about $365 shipped to Conn. It's just barely louder than the Walker replacement muffler that was on the car when bought used in May '01 with 103K mis. It has a very nice, low tone... and "tone" is the right word. It's a pleasant low rumble but not louder. It sounds SO-O-O good at about 4,500 to 5,500 RPM.

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Re: exhaust questions... (VeeMike)

how good is the stock vr6 exhaust on a 2.0? sound wise and performance wise?
Re: exhaust questions... (VeeMike)

I am thinking TT. What can did you get with that? Borla?
about the VR6 zaust... I was wondering the same thing.
Re: exhaust questions... (TWSTDVW)

I have autotech on my car and it cost me in the range of $300. I love the sound because its not loud but its there. It sounds low and basically like a vr6
). I love it and would recommend it in a second. 2.25" diameter w/ dynamax turbo muffler and gutted cat
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Re: exhaust questions... (Scubastevie00)

I love my Stainless TT catback w/borla muffler, but, it is NOT quiet. It may not be as loud as some of the aftermarket exhausts out there, but nobody is going to mistake it for stock when you have it a WOT or are decelerating from 5000rpm.
Re: exhaust questions... (Bob Roberts)

do any of the TT mufflers come with dual tips?
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Re: exhaust questions... (pdxvento)

maybe get custom piping with the center resonater from TT. Then just get a glass pack. That would be the cheapest way to do it somewhat quiet.
The TT one isn't very loud at all either, even without the second resonater.
Re: exhaust questions... (JPawn1)

How about a supersprint cat back...Oh what a coincidence im selling one. $350 + shipping 1000 miles on it. Interested people email or im me.
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