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2.1L questions....

#1: i'm planning on building a 2.1L for my rabbit, and it just so happens that i work at a place that bends stainless steel tubing. unfortunately, all the tubing we have in house is only 2" O.D. and i don't know if that will flow enough for the engine...yes, it would be mandrel bent. the only reason i ask is that i can get the cat-back for about $30.

#2: i'm planning on accomplishing 2.1L-ness by transplanting a TDI crank into a slightly bored 2L block. (i haven't gotten off my a$$ and done the math, so i'm approximating.) anyway, if i balance/blueprint everything that reciprocates, i'm still concerned about the revvability of this motor due to the stroke. what kind of rpm should i be able to hit?

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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