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Exhaust tip question???

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What size exhaust tip will fit my stock exhuast on my Jetta 4???
will the ones at rapidparts.com fit???
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Re: Exhaust tip question??? (Jackel_20109)

I'm assuming you mean these:
The answer, in short, is no, you may thank VW for hiding your muffler and tips under the car so that you need special tips if you want to retain the stock exhaust. Check out Motorworks for some tips.
Re: Exhaust tip question??? (3WheelGTi)

Motor works huh?
Tell me more please?
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Re: Exhaust tip question??? (Jackel_20109)

That's the site. Their catalog lists ones for A4 and B5 cars, so I think that should do it.
Re: Exhaust tip question??? (3WheelGTi)

actually, now i can't find them, might want to keep asking around...
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