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i know its been done a million times but i got a little bit dif question. i dont liek the noise most exhaust systems make. i call them fart cannons. now most VW i hear dont sound to ricey. but i dont really see the point of a tip more then 2.5-3in. im lookn for thge best way to boost performance w/ not alot of noise...if that made sence.
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Re: exhaust (WhiteJettaMK3)

that made perfect sense, I haven't bought exhaust yet because Im too afraid of the bumblebee sound
tagging along
Re: exhaust (latazyo)

If you have a 2L 8v motor, don't go any larger than 2.25" (unless you plan on going F/I anytime soon). Also, make sure that you keep sometype of resinator. The resinator does not nessesarily have to be the stock suitcase type. I used a "hot dog" type resinator with a straight through design.
The stock VR6 exhaust system works well on a 2L and sounds great to!
Re: exhaust (HappyVdubber2)

well...the Jetex exhaust for VWs sounds hot...pretty quiet....i personally had a Remus on my past vr6...sounded HOT...not too loud, pretty deep, i loved it, personally id go with that, as well as the hotdog shaped resonator to quiet it down a bit.....2.25 will work nicely but 2.5 is better
i love my magnaflow, it sounds amazing, not too loud and i felt a little more power. Not anything F/I would do but you know what im sayin.
Re: (vr6chris)

if you don't want loud, then plan out your exhaust. 2.25 is good for MOST mkIII's, until you go forced induction or major engine mods. Keep the 2nd resonator. Stay away from the borla muffler (it's very loud). If you have a 2.0, you could simply upgrade to stock VR6 exhaust, it would sound much better.
Also, mandrel bent exhaust will flow a bit better, resulting in a slightly louder noise. a cruch bent system won't quite flow as well, it will be slightly quieter...
awsome thax guys. were can a pick up a vr6 exhaust. im not lookn to do much engein work. this is going to b a daily driver and lots of highway miles so i dont want to kill the gas milage. thax again
Re: (WhiteJettaMK3)

well accually im thinking of getting a new exaust/ muffler for my 95 gti vr6. That means il have an extra....
im me if your interested
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