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expo center

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Who is all going on saturday to the show and how much does it cost to get in.
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Re: expo center (WhiteTrashPat)

$12 for general admission, I believe. But remember, you get in free.
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Like i stated in another post, alot of import people will be meeting up at starbucks in beaverton between 8 and 9, then caravaning out to the expo center. Might be fun to all mob out there together...
Re: expo center (EchoOfGecko)

That is sweet that i get in free. Now i don't have to barrow money from your mom
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Re: expo center (WhiteTrashPat)

Well, as long as Pat isn't borrowing cash from Ben's Mom, maybe she'll let me.
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Re: expo center (MkIII)

Barrow? Like wheelbarrow?
Definately not meaning borrow..
Hey, I get it!

bar·row3 Pronunciation Key (br)
A pig that has been castrated before reaching sexual maturity.
[Middle English barow, from Old English bearg.]
Thank you, dictionary.com
Re: expo center (matt007)

I'm in spelling class right now so give me a brake ok
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