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F/S 1987 Audi 5000cs Avant Running Project [SOLD]

[SOLD] is a project 5000cs Avant. It runs and drives, actually runs great, however with issues as usual. First, I must say that I really do not want to part it out and would much rather sell as a whole. These are very rare as you all know and I would hate for it to get crushed.

There is a lot to say about this car. It is not a daily driver at all in current condition, this will need work. The biggest issue is that it does not stay running. It starts right up and will idle good until it warms up. Once warmed up the rmps will slowly drop and it will stall. I have to wait about to a minute for it to start up again. But if you drive it down the road, it will keep going just fine, its just when you let of the gas it will stall. In fact, it runs real good when it stays running and pulls hard for 10v. I would even say that it is fast. It does have a few upgrades that help that. Intended Acceleration ECU with appropriate wastegate spring for 1.8 bar, custom cold air intake I rigged together using Volvo CIS intake bowl and open header because catalytic converter was clogged completely. I also redone almost entire fuel system and by that I mean everything besides fuel pump.

There must be just a stupid vacuum leak somewhere that I cannot find or some sensor not working correctly. My guess would be that at least the throttle position sensor is not working. I simply do not have time to work on this car anymore and would rather not let it sit for ever. Every once in a while I will start it up and drive it around the block and so want to keep it, but than realize that I will never finish it sadly. I wanted to put rally springs on it with 1" lift and simply have fun with it.

Approximately 250k miles.

More detail below.

The good:
Runs and drives
Intended Acceleration chipped ECU and spring
Custom cold air intake
Interior is all there, passenger seat from 200 tho
Euro headlights and working
Body is decent, not much work to it to be perfect
Pulls hard and is fast for 10v
New speakers
All seat adjustments work besides heating
Fresh Bilstein struts all around
All glass is good
Has tow hitch with working lights connector
Has original roof rails
Brakes are good
Suspension in general not too bad
Blower motor works
Heat works great
Front and rear window washes work haha
Central locking works, but I don't like to experiment with it
Tire have good tread 70%+
Does not leak anything besides hydraulic fluid last time I checked
Turbo is good

Replaced within 2k miles:
Fuel Distributor with used working one
Original airbox replaced with Volvo CIS intake bowl
Decel valve delete
Cone filter NEW
Residual pressure regulator and Frequency valve used working ones
Injectors used in good condition
Injector lines in good condition
Fuel pressure accumulator NEW
Warm-up regulator NEW
Fuel pump relay NEW
Fuel filter NEW
Idle Stabilization Valve NEW
Injector cooling shroud NEW
Brake Pressure Accumulator NEW
Distributor cap and rotor NEW
Brake master cylinder NEW
Brake lines running to master NEW
Heater core NEW
Valve cover gasket
Valve cover with used painted one
Radiator from 200 with two ports blocked off (was an emergency situation at the time)
New R13 coolant
Rear hatch struts NEW

The bad:
CV Axle boots torn up front
Could use an alignment
Open header, so no exhaust at all
AC does not blow cold anymore, used to
Headliner saging in the back
Power steering pump is bad and leaking
Has Synthetic Auto fluid instead of Pentosin (worked pretty good actually)
One side of the car is primed, not painted
Dent on bottom or rear hatch
Rust on one of the front fenders
Sunroof does not open
Only two windows work including drivers and passenger rear
Seems to run hot, but most likely it is the gauge that is showing wrong
All of cluster works, but not accurately
Computer does not work anymore
Interior is a bit worn out, no tears in drivers seat
Odometer does not work

Make me an offer, but make it a reasonable one. You all should know how much I spent on parts alone, even tho I know I will not get that money back. Ask me any questions and for more pictures. I may not respond for a while because I'm too busy at this time, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Located in Manhattan KS, 66502.

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