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Mk1 Parts
Rusty, cut off, beat up US Rabbit Core Support - $Gone to Scrap

Two sets of Mk1 90mm Axles (pics in link in signature), I can't use them anymore, but they are good back ups/core swaps. - $SOLD

Mk1 A1 Chassis Koni Front Struts (complete Strut, not a Cartridge) Good for Rebuild - $SOLD
Mk1 A1 Chassis Bilstein Rear Shocks w/ Adjustable Spring Perch, Good for Rebuild - $SOLD

Mk1 8V GTI Intake Manifold, with Throttle Body, and complete with all hoses, switches, injectors - $20

Mk1 Jetronic computer/wiring harness - $40

Mk1 (maybe Mk2?) fuel Distributors and components, various parts/part numbers (I'll add pics/numbers over the weekend) - $20 Ea component

Mk1 8V Lower Airbox - $10

Mk1 16V (Scirocco) Lower Airbox - $40

B5 Parts
1.8T Passat Starter and Alternator (pics in link in signature), may fit other B5 engines - $SOLD
These both work fine, I just can't use them and would rather not scrap them.

1.8T Passat/A4 Rad - $30 No leaks or damage, I can't use this rad and would rather sell then scrap.

1.8T Passat Rad/Core Support (No Damage, I don't have a Passat, so I can't use this) - $20

1.8T Passat/A4 Flywheel/Clutch - $Scrapped

1.8T B5 Oil Pan, Splash Shield, Pick Up Tube - $30

B5 Passat Stubby Passenger Side Mirror - $SOLD

Pics and more description to come. Prices flexible, lowball tolerant. Also I will deliver within a reasonable distance with the right incentive ($$)

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do still have those shocks kicking around??
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