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I have a set of OEM Passatt CC Interlago Wheels for sale that i've used for 1 season. I bought them as dealer take off's so pretty much new.

Bolt Patter 5x112
Offset: +45et
Dimensions: 18x8
Center bore: 57.1
OEM Centercaps included
weight of rim alone is 33lbs

I haven't taken pictures of them but there is no noticeable damage, curbage or bends on any of the rims.

The rims have tires on them, 225/40/18 Falken Zeix 912's - the two that were used on the front of my car are bald but the rears still have lots of tread on them.

My asking price would be $1400 for the set but i'm a reasonable person and am open to any reasonable offer. Again, these are the OEM POLISHED rims not the painted ones.

I ran these on an MKIV Jetta and as such i have 20mm adapters to convert the bolt pattern to 5x100 if your so inclined. $300 for the adapters (hardware is included)

for reference this is what your buying;
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