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i barely use my ps3 even when i first bought it, i really need money right now im 18 and no job (no one is hiring me) my bumper and fender is messed up and i found a good deal on an imola yellow bumper with lip and fender

i got the box it came in, it has the controller (original controller) along with the cable, ethernet cable i got too, i got a head set, and 4 games , skate 2, call of duty modern warfare 2, grand theft auto 4 , and midnight club LA , they are in good condition along with the ps3 itself and ill even throw in ps2 games too

i am located in bergen county, new jersey, id rather have pick up instead of ship,

i am looking to get 200$

please pm me if any questions

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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