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F.U.B.A.R Fuba?

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Any one ever replace the roof top antenna on a rocco? I'm getting crappy FM reception, probably AM too. The olny thing is taking down the headliner, is it possible without ruining it? If so how do I doit? And one more thing where is the wire routed, from the antenna?
Oh yea the antenna power wire is getting 12V. Could the antenna just have a bad ground to the body?
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Re: F.U.B.A.R Fuba? (pastpargolf)

The wire I think is ran up the passenger side A-pillar. I dont think you have to take the whole headliner out. If its the same on my A2 I only took the rear part of the headliner down enough to get my hand in there to tighten the nut. Maybe the FUBA mast if broke and you just need to replace that.
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